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Fuel Conditioning

How fuel conditioning works

Magnatech fuel conditioning systems work by using the most powerful neodymium magnets available today to effectively enhance heating system efficiency. There is no need to cut pipes or stop production – units are simply fitted to the outside of fuel feed lines with no disruption. The magnets also maintain 99% of their power over a 100-year period – making for a lifetime of savings.

The Process
Once the units are fitted to the outside of fuel feed lines in a particular pattern, fuel passes through the magnet’s negative and positive fields before it reaches the combustion chamber. This makes it easier for the carbon-based fuel to bond with oxygen and burn – creating a rise in flame temperature of an extra 120°C or more. This allows the system to reach the desired temperature sooner without burning any extra fuel, reducing overall fuel consumption and delivering substantial energy and cost savings. For more information visit our FAQ section or contact us directly. 

• Reduces fuel consumption typically by 10% (proven reduction of at least 6%)
• Cuts your energy bills
• Reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint
• No costly production downtime (no lines are cut during installation)
• No maintenance or running costs – simply fit, forget and save!
• Typical payback of just 12 months and a lifetime of savings .

Magnatech systems can be used to condition any type of liquid or gas hydrocarbon fuel. The company’s experts offer a free-of-charge site survey to gauge system suitability and to establish the most efficient type of unit for individual applications. Contact us to book yours today. Trials are also on offer for those looking to gauge actual results

Guaranteed results
Magnatech offers a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who is not completely satisfied with the results during trial periods.