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About us

Magnatech – the fuel conditioning experts

Magnatech has been providing bespoke fuel conditioning solutions for commercial and industrial buildings for more than ten years.

Our experts work with highly powered magnetic technology to deliver significant cost, energy and carbon savings without the need to cut fuel lines or disrupt heating system performance.

Our units are successfully in use across the UK and globally, and we are currently working with major energy users, such as international pharmaceutical companies, large-scale processing firms and even leading supermarket chains to create bespoke fuel conditioning solutions for their heating systems.

Why Magnatech?

• Our experts have more than 10 years’ experience in working with major energy users to cut costs and carbon without compromising on performance

• Our technology has been independently verified by the EU Tritech Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Project, and is guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption by at least 6%

• We design our own magnetic technology and offer a 100% money-back guarantee

• With a wide range of different units on offer, you can benefit from a bespoke solution for your company’s needs